• To:        Parents

    From:   David Owen, CTE

    Cc:        Scott McPherson, Principal    

                 Brent Haugen, AP

                 Brannon Kidd, AP


    Date:   August 20, 2018

    Re:      Introduction to Welding /Welding 1/Welding II  - Class Parent Letter


    Welcome to my CTE Welding class. I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year in class.


    In addition to the district, campus, classroom, and shop rules, we have additional procedures to insure that everyone has a safe learning experience. These procedures are:


    • Follow all safety procedures and class/shop rules.
    • Use proper equipment at all times.
    • Students are to clean the shop after each use. If you get it out (or used it), put it back in its proper place.
    • Welding projects, and practice welds are a requirement of this course. 
    • No unapproved projects will be allowed.
    • Students are expected to participate in all class assignments, projects, tests, homework, and record their daily activity in their spiral log book. 
    • Students are expected to complete all assignments (including projects) by date due.
    • Students are responsible for cost of materials they use from the shop.
    • Student’s failure to follow directions or complete assignments may result in disciplinary action and possible removal from the course. Continued violations by the student will constitute removal of the offending student from the course.
    • Students are expected to take care of school equipment and their supplies.
    • Idle time will not be allowed.
    • Students are encouraged to bring an appropriate book to read if they finish early.
    • Horseplay is not allowed. Safety is a top priority! (This includes running and throwing objects).
    • Safety violations may incur immediate removal of the offending student and disciplinary action.


    Students are expected to consistently follow proper procedures.


    I have discussed these procedures and rules with your students. Please review these procedures with your child before signing and returning this form. I will be using this signed and returned letter for our first grade, and would greatly appreciate it being turned in the following day.


    Thank you for your cooperation,









    Please return the following information to me.



    Student name (printed) ____________________________________________________


    Student signature _________________________________________________________


    I have read the Class Parent Letter and have discussed it with my child.

    Parent(s) name (printed) ___________________________________________________ 


    Parent(s) signature(s) ______________________________________________________


    Email______________________________________, ____________________________


    Home/Mobile Phone__________________________, ____________________________


    Work Numbers        __________________________, ____________________________


    Date signed______________________________________________________________


    Please return on August 21, 2018


    *Please remember students will be responsible for the material costs of projects involving wood, metal, plastic, and miscellaneous items.

    Students are encouraged to bring their own project materials. If they use materials from the shop, the money is due by the end of each project. ALL welding students will need a spiral of notebook paper (8 1/2"x 11") for logging their welding activities. It is the student's responsibility for keeping their book accurately updated.