• General

    • Follow CHAMPS expectations at all times.
    • Follow ALL Lab Safety Rules!
    •  Give your FULL attention to the person speaking, whether it is the teacher or another student. 
    • Be sure to keep your Notebook and binder organized. EVERYTHING you do in class will go in either the notebook or the binder. This way, it can be used as a reference throughout the year!
    • Always clean up after yourself and ensure that your work area is clean. 

    There will be a minimum of 9 daily grades and 3 test grades each six weeks. Daily grades and Test grades each count for 50% of the total six weeks average. In accordance with the Springtown ISD Student Handbook: 

    • Students will be given a reasonable opportunity to redo an assignment, complete make-up work, or retake a test (NOT including benchmarks or semester exams) that they have attempted and failed. Please note that the original assignment/test MUST have been attempted in order to redo/retake. 
    • Once a grade is entered, the student will have 5 days to redo daily assignments. These may be redone at home per my instructions for each assignment. 
    • To retake a test, the student must retake within 5 days of receiving the test results. Tests must be retaken in the classroom before or after school.
    • For retakes or makeup work, the maximum grade possible will be a 70.

    Daily Work/Homework

    • Will be turned in at the beginning of class, the next class day (unless told otherwise).
    • Parents may be notified if a student fails to turn homework in when it is due.
    • The assignment will be entered as a 0 (zero) until the student turns in the assignment.
    • The assignment grade will be reduced by 10% if it is turned in late, but on the same day up until 4:00. On the next day the assignment will be reduced by 30%.  After 3 class days, the assignment will no longer be accepted. An alternate assignment may be allowed. and completed at this point for a maximum of 50%.
    • The method of correcting each assignment may vary and students should ask how to correct a particular assignment.  Corrected assignments will be due NO LATER than 1 week after it was handed back to the student. 
    *Late = ANY time after the work has been collected (even if it is later the same class period)

    Major Work/Tests & Quizzes

    • Students may receive a review before each unit test. The review is intended to help them study. It is NOT meant to tell them exactly what will be on the test. It should be used as a tool to help them study their notes and prepare.
    • Each student will get a printed report of their test results which will be put in their notebook to help them track their progress.
    • Test retakes must be scheduled before or after school within 1 week of the original test.
    • Only tests which were not passed can be retaken, and the maximum grade possible on a retake will be a 70%


    • Each student will need to bring a Composition Notebook that will be used exclusively for my class. 
    • Students will be allowed to take their notebook home for studying purposes, but they MUST bring it to class every day. 
    • If the notebook is not in class, the student will still be responsible for entering all of the notes/work on their own time. 
    • The notebook may be left in the classroom if the student does not wish to take it home. However, they should keep in mind that it is a valuable resource to help them do their homework and study for tests.
    • There are Notebook Guidelines on the inside cover that explain in detail how to maintain and organize the notebook.


    • All work should carry the appropriate heading.
    • Anything that is turned in for a grade should include the following in the upper left corner of the page:            
                     Full Name (both first and last) 
                     Teacher Name (Van Rite) - Class Period
    • Papers with an incomplete heading will result in a deduction of 5 points.
    • All other loose sheets that go in the binder should include the full name and date in the upper right hand corner.
    • Notebook pages should include the page number, and the date on the top outside corner.

    Absences/Makeup Work

    • If a student has an excused absence, they need to come see me, before or after class, about any presentations/notes they missed. It is the students responsibility to obtain and complete missed assignments/makeup work. They will be given the same number of days as they were absent to complete the missed work.  Unexcused absences will result in a deduction of 30% from the grade
    • Copies of worksheets and any other handouts will be uploaded to my website under Handouts and Assignments so they can be accessed at home if possible. Otherwise, the student should check the Assignment Binder when they return to class.