Welcome to Theatre Arts!  I am so excited that you have chosen to take this class and want to explore what all we can create on and off stage!  You will find that theatre is something that allows you and the audience to “escape from reality” and become any kind of character imaginable!  I hope that you enjoy your time in my class and there is so much to learn about yourself and the world around you, so let’s get started!


    1.   Notebook for journals

    2.   Folder

    3.   Paper

    4.   Pen or pencil

    5.   Color pencils

    Other things that might surface should you decide to audition and be cast will be covered at a later date.  Also, we will be using The Stage and the School as our textbook.  However it is a classroom set so if you need your own copy for home, please see Mr. Haugen for one.


    1.   Be on time every single day

    2.   Follow the student code of conduct

    3.   Be respectful to others – including the teacher! J

    4.   No food or drink in my class – PERIOD

    5.   No profanity – EVER


    Everything we do in class is subject to getting graded.  I do take active engagement grades, journals, written work, and performance grades.  All work/projects are to be completed ON TIME and if they are absent the day something is due, they are expected to turn in their work the day they return, per district guidelines.  Tutorials can be scheduled with me, based upon student need(either morning or afternoon) Should you have any concern, please feel free to email me at sudavis@springtownisd.net or call the school (817-220-3888) and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


    Please sign the line below to confirm that you have read and understand all which is stated within this handout.  When your child returns this back to me, they will receive a 100 in the gradebook.


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