• Classroom Rules

    Arrive to class PROMPTLY  every day.
    Come to class with all supplies.
    Keep ALL negative/inappropriate comments and body language to yourself.
    Take pride in your work.
    Daily Work/Homework
    All work must be handed in on time.
    A zero is entered into the gradebook for assignments not handed in on time. 
    If you bring the assignment the next day, the zero is averaged with the grade from the assignment. Otherwise, the grade remains a zero.
    There is no extra credit!


    Tests will be given after every unit.

    Retests have to be completed within one week of the original test.

    All retests will need to be taken before or after school.

    The original test grade will be averaged with the retest grade for a grade no higher than 70.

    There are no test corrections, only retests!



    Attendance is important!

    Excused absences receive full credit on missed assignments

    Unexcused absences have an automatic 30% taken off on missed assignments.

    You have as many days as you were absent to make up your work.