Interactive Student Notebook


    The Interactive Student Notebook (ISN)

    One of the most important learning and study guide in Advanced US History will be the ISN. More than a drab, lifeless tool, the ISN allows students to:

    • Become successful note takers

    • Become systematically organized

    • Create a portfolio of individual learning for historical memory

      The three key elements of the ISN are:

      Short, Engaging Assignments

      • Keep students on task
      • Draw a parallel between key social studies concepts and students' lives
      • Spark interest and activate prior knowledge
      • Prepare students to tackle new concepts

    Graphically Organized Reading Notes

    • Use graphic organizers
    • Tap visual and linguistic intelligences
    • Contain testable information

    Processing Assignments

    • Require higher-order thinking skills
    • Incorporate multiple intelligences
    • Apply what students learned in the lesson

    By using the ISN, your child will create a personal textbook and study guide.  This will be used daily and kept in the classroom.   If a student is absent, they are responsible for any work they miss.  If a student loses the ISN, they will need to make a new ISN from the beginning.  Since daily grades and quizzes will be taken from the ISN, it is important that students take responsibility for it.