Runner Placement

    Junior Varsity

    At the junior varsity level teams are allowed an unlimited number of junior varsity runners.  Any athlete coming out for cross country will be allowed to participate in all cross country meets at the junior varsity level.  These athletes must be in good standing with the coach and attend all practices.


    At the varsity level teams are only allowed to have 7 runners on a team.  The varsity team will consist of the top seven runners that week.  As the season progresses those 7 runners could change depending on performances at meets and practices.  We will find the best 7 runners that give us the best chance to be successful each week.

    How Runners are Selected

    Before the first cross country meet the team will have a time trial.  The performances that are given at this time trial will determine which team a runner will be on for the first meet.

    How Runners Move up

    Each race is used for the placement of the next race.  If a runner on JV runs a faster time than a varsity runner, then they will automatically move up and run on varsity at the next race.  Likewise, the runner they surpassed will run on JV at the next race.