• Nutrition and Hydration

    The sport of Cross Country is very demanding on the human body.  It is very important that the right types of food are consumed daily.  Low carbohydrate diets are not a good choice for distance runners.

    Runners should maintain a healthy approach to carb loading, using pasta, rice, beans, whole wheat bread and bagels throughout the week.  Sugary foods and sodas need to be avoided at all costs.  Instead, fruit, nuts, and raisins are a better choice.  Protein is also very important for distance runners to consume.  Foods such as fish, chicken, and lean turkey are great sources of meat for protein.  For best results protein should be consumed at every meal and snack.

    Smaller meals several times a day are encouraged rather than eating 3 meals a day.  Runners will need to eat more than they are used to because of the high quantity of calories that will be burned throughout the week.

    Eating right is important, but runners must also stay hydrated!  Runners must consume enough water on a daily basis.  Trying to hydrate the day of a race will not be effective.  Hydration is an everyday occurrence.