• A little about me...
                    This is my 21st year teaching and 8th here at Springtown.   This is my 20th year being a Head Softball Coach.   My philosophy is the sum of my coaching beliefs. No one thing makes a team a champion. Instead it is the sum of many things brought together that make one team more successful than another. Some are obvious: hard work, discipline, dedication, teamwork, and basic fundamentals, which I cannot stress these enough. Some though are not as obvious: enthusiasm, ability, confidence, team chemistry, and young players growing into their roles on the team. Some components are intangible but no less real, such as tradition, spirit, and the will to win. What I as a coach am trying to do in bringing all these aspects together every game consistently. I always stress with my athletes performance rather than just winning. All I ever ask is for the athletes to give me 100% every time they step onto the field. Through this objective if things work out for a victory then we can celebrate, however if they don’t performance becomes the ingredient to success. There are two kinds of mistakes you can make in a game, ones that are out of your control and ones that are in your control. The ones that are out of your control – don’t worry about, it can’t be changed so don’t let it ruin the rest of your game. The ones in your control- such as mental mistakes are the ones that make the difference in a ball game. For example, missing a signal or not knowing the signs, not knowing what to do with the ball when it is hit to you, not knowing the count or how many outs; those mistakes can be and must be avoided to be successful. I want my players to be proud of their performance no matter the outcome of the game, if you give 100% then they should be proud of their performance. One thing I have always believed is that you never stay the same. You are either getting better at what you do or getting worse, but you never stay the same. This is why the basic fundamentals of softball are so important the harder you practice the better you get. The better teams you play the better you’ll play. This for me is a key to being successful at what you do.
    I look forward to this year and can not wait to get started.