Both parenting and coaching are extremely difficult vocations. By establishing an understanding of each position, we are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide greater benefit to our athletes. As parents, when your children become involved in our program, you have a right to understand what expectations are placed on her. This begins with clear communication from the coach of the softball program. Positive communication between parents and coaches are an important part of the Springtown Softball Program.
    Topics of Discussion at Parent Meeting
    • Athletic Program policies & procedures
    • Games
    • Schedules
    • Practice schedules
    • Expectation of players, coaches, and parents
    • Goals for season
    • Parent roles
    • Transportation
    • Eligibility rules
    • Code of conduct
    • Athletic award program
    Communication You Should Expect From Your Child’s Coach
                • Philosophy of the coach
                • Expectations the coach has for your child as well as all players on the
                • Locations and times of all the practices and contests
                • Team requirements, i.e. special equipment, off-season conditioning
                 • Procedure should your child be injured during participation
                   • Discipline that can result in denial of your child’s participation
     Communication Coaches Should Expect From You
                • Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance
                • Specific concern in regard to a coach’s philosophy and/or expectations
                • The treatment of your child mentally and physically
                • Ways to help your child improve
                • Concerns about your child’s behavior
    It is very difficult for a parent to accept their child not playing as much as they might have expected. Coaches are professionals; they make judgments based on what they believe to be the best for all students involved. As one can read from the list above, certain things can and should be discussed with your child’s coach. Other things, such as those described in the next segment, must be left to the discretion of the coach.

    Appropriate Concerns to Discuss With Coaches
    • The treatment of your child mentally and physically
    • Ways to help your child improve
    • Concerns about your child’s behavior
    Issues Not Appropriate To Discuss With Coaches
    • Playing time
    • Team strategy
    • Play calling
    • Other student athletes
    1. Be positive with your daughter. Let her know that it is a proud accomplishment simply to be part of an athletic team.
    2. Try not to offer excuses if she is not playing. Encourage her to work hard and try her best. Help your child set goals as a good way to show your interest and monitor progress.
    3. Discourage putting down coaches or other athletes which teaches your child to be a complainer, not a doer. Keep in mind, your child has to return to practice the next day.
    4. Encourage your child to follow the rules with respect to attendance, training rules and school work.
    5. Demonstrate good sportsmanship and live as a role model for your child.
    6. Encourage respect for team and school rules, game officials, and sportsmanship.
    7. Do not instruct your daughter, before, during or after a game, because it may conflict with the coach’s plans or strategies
    8. Be a positive role model – show respect for opposing players, coaches, and spectators, and demonstrate good sportsmanship. You represent your family, school and community.
    9. Be respectful of all officials’ decisions.
    10. Support the entire team at games regardless of whether your child is playing.
    11. Remember that although you may not be in agreement with a coach’s style of coaching, your child will have to deal with different leadership styles in life


    1. We require your daughter's undivided attention when we are teaching.
    2. The team always comes first.  We have no stars.
    3. We may require your daughter to be more disciplined than you do.
    4. We don’t play kids to make them happy.  We constantly evaluate performance and our decisions are objective

    Athletes are played because they have a positive attitude, do things that are required plus more, add the most value to the team, understand their role, perform better than other players, and possess a team mentality.  Seniority is earned not granted.

    1. Parent’s influence or position makes no difference.
    2. Evaluation of your daughter is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    3. Publicity is used to promote our team, school, and community.
    4. Players social media sites may be monitored.
    5. Please follow the proper hierarchy if you have concerns.  Start with the Coach (not immediately following a game.
    6. Schedule meetings with me in advance.  Your daughter will be present at the meeting.  Remember our philosophy when evaluating a situation…The team comes first.

    The Coaching Staff will not compare or discuss other players in our program.

    1. Support our coaching staff. You don’t have to agree with everything we do, but your support or lack of can affect team morale. 
    2. Leave the coaching to the coaches, you are a spectator. 
    3. Avoid interaction with your daughter during the course of a game.
    4. All players will ride the bus back following a game, unless permission to take an alternate form of transportation has been approved by the Athletic Director and the head coach of that team prior to the departure from Springtown High School.
    5. We strive to teach responsibility and accountability, therefore we would like for your daughter to exercise these traits in regards to absences or tardiness.  Make her be the one to provide notification to his coach.
    6. Private lessons and select participation are permitted unless they interfere with our schedule.  We take priority during the season, they take priority during the summer.
    7. The Springtown Athletic Code of Conduct will be followed.
    9. Enjoy your daughter's high school experience and be a SPRINGTOWN SOFTBALL FAN.

    It is an honor to be the Head Softball Coach here at Springtown HS and to have the opportunity to work with your daughter.  These guidelines are not meant to be negative, but they are necessary.

    Thank you,
    Coach Scott Mann