• Welcome to my webpage.  I am so happy your child is attending our campus.  I hope your child will look back on their  time at Goshen Creek with  fond memories of both  friends and teachers.
    I would like to let you get better acquainted with me now.  I have worked for the Springtown School District since 2000.  I started as an assistant in the PPCD program for the first few years at Watson Elementary.  Then I worked as an Inclusion Assistant for the next couple of years at Watson.  When the idea of a Co-Teach classroom at Watson evolved, I was the assistant in the Co-Teach Kindergarten class until 2009.  When Watson Elementary closed and Goshen Creek became the new elementary school in Springtown, I was still the assistant in their Co-Teach Kindergarten program until it ended in 2012.  I then became the assistant in the Alternative Learning Class which some refer to as Severe and Profound.  In 2014, I once again became the Inclusion Assistant to all grade levels as needed.  Inclusion means that I go into a General Education classroom to assist students with classwork they are having a hard time with.  My goal and job as Inclusion Assistant is to help the student or students that I am working with achieve success as a student on our campus.
    On a more personal note, I have been married to Charlie since 1980.  We have two sons Jake and Bryan.  They are both married and have given us five beautiful grandchildren.  In February of 2017, we will be welcoming a set of twin boys into our family from Bryan and his wife.  We enjoy visiting with them here in Texas and Oklahoma.  We also have two chihuahuas named Dallas and DD Girl.  We enjoy traveling in our RV when we get the opportunity.  Our other favorite passtime is fishing, both saltwater and freshwater.