Pojo Softball Program Objectives


    1.     To foster an understanding in the student athlete that athletic participation is a privilege, which requires responsibilities of striving to be successful within her education.


    2.   To instill in our athletes the importance of a value system that develops positive role models.


    3.   For athletes to appreciate the values of positive attitude, confidence, team concept, hard work and self-discipline.


    4.   To develop and maintain a softball program which will serve to improve and develop the athletic abilities of each athlete.


    5.    Maintain an atmosphere in the softball program, which will encourage growth mentally, physically, socially, and morally in each athlete.


    6.   For athletes to learn and demonstrate sportsmanship while in a competitive program.


    7.    For athletes to have the will to compete and the desire to win.


    8.   To learn the game! To love the game