G/T Students: 

    • Realistic and Relevant high-level expectations

    • Integrate Complexity and Depth in Content, Process, and Product

    • Generate Cognitive Skills;

    • Scaffolding;

    • Refine Assessments


     Students with Disabilities:

    • Oral Tests

    • Copy of Notes

    • Reading Assistance

    • Preferential Seating

    • Peer Assistance

    • Monitoring

    • Scaffolding

    • Clarification in a variety of methods

    • Direction to specific Information



    English Language Learners:

      • Time to preview new content for unfamiliar words and concepts
      • Peer Assistance
      • Teach note taking to stress important ideas
      • Clarification by re-teaching and stating content in a simpler way
      • Use pictures and other graphic aids to help with new and difficult vocabulary
      • Use native language, when possible, to make connections with difficult vocabulary
      • Link new learning to previously taught information
      • Teach prefixes/suffixes specific to English
      • Teach English colloquialisms and idioms
      • Encourage reflective journal writing
      • Extend response time
      • Give sentence stems when necessary for response