Speaking Test Audio

  • Study Spanish

    Study Spanish features an in-depth review of grammar concepts, vocabulary and verb drills! Their notes are also very useful as they're written in an easy to understand language and show many good examples!




    Conjuguemos is a great website to build verb mastery! Every verb tense can be practiced on the site and the student must get the answer right to move on.  It also offers verb charts and vocabulary practice by textbook! 



    Word Reference

    An online language dictionary. Along with translating a word it also gives different instances in which the word could be used decreasing translation errors.




    Quizlet is a fun way to practice vocabulary knowledge through all sorts of games. Students will be join Ms. Thomas' class set so they may always access the current study sets to practice their vocabulary. 




    Classzone is an online resource that provides instruction, practice, and learning support correlated to the textbook.




    Duolingo is similar to Rosetta stone in style and content, but it's a great resource because it's completely free! It takes important concepts and phrases and gamifies the learning to make learning by theme very fun and easy to study a little at a time.