Educational Code 21.204(d)

    In order to meet the compliance requirements of this statute:
    "The board of trustees shall provide each teacher with a copy of the teacher's contract with the school district and, on the teacher's request, a copy of the board's employment practices. If the district has an Internet website, the district shall place the board's employment policies on that website. At each school district, the board shall make a copy of the board's employment policies available for inspection at a reasonable time on request."
    Click on the "Policy Code" below to direct you to Springtown ISD's Board Policy Manual Online.
    Policy Code                                               Policy Title
    DAA Equal Employment Opportunity
    DAB Genetic Non-Discrimination 
    DBAA  Criminal History and Credit Reports
    DBD  Conflict of Interest
    DC Employment Practices
    DCB Term Contracts
    DEA Compensation Plan
    DEAA Incentives and Stipends 
    DEAB  Wage and Hour Laws 
    DEC Leaves and absences
    DECA  Family and Medical Leave 
    DECB  Military Leave 
    DF Termination of Employment
    DFAA  Probationary Contract-Suspension/Termination During Contract 
    DFAB  Probationary Contract-Termination at the End of Year 
    DFAC Probationary Contract-Return to Probationary Status
    DFBA  Term Contract-Suspension/Termination During Contract 
    DFBB  Term Contracts-Non-Renewal 
    DFD Termination of Employment-Hearings Before Hearing Examiner
    DFE Termination of Employment-Resignation 
    DFF Termination of Employment-Reduction in Force
    DFFA Reduction in Force-Financial Exigency
    DFFB  Reduction in Force-Program Change 
    DG  Employee Rights and Privileges 
    DGBA Employee Complaints/Grievances
    DH Employee Standards of Conduct
    DHB  Employee Standards of Conduct-Reports to State Board of Educator Certification 
    DHE Employee Standards of Conduct-Searches and Alcohol/Drug Testing
    DI Employee Welfare
    DIA Employee Welfare-Freedom From Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
    DK Assignment and Schedules
    DN Performance Appraisal
    DNA  Performance Appraisal-Evaluation of Teachers 
    DNB  Performance Appraisal-Evaluation of Administrators