Phonics Rules

  • Learning b, p and d  

    These letters are often confused.  If one notices, the b, p, and d all have a circle with a stem attached to it - they each go a different direction.

    When learning b and p, 

    Have the child make a fist with their left hand and lift their thumb upwards toward the ceiling. let them recognize that their hand makes the shape of the

    letter b and that the stem goes up.  To reinforce that idea, let them lift their hand upwards while making the sound for b

    and saying "Balloons go up in the air"


    Then, using the same hand, have the child turn their fist with thumb extended downwards towards table or ground, and recognize this is the shape of the

    letter p, and have them say the sound for p, then "Pigs go down in the mud"


    When it comes time to learn the letter d, have the child make the fist with thumb extended upwards for b, which they will know by now, and then teach the

    child that if it is not the sound for "balloons go up in the air" then it's not and it must be d.  That way, they are not having to remember more than two ways

    to identify letters b, p and d.  It's either balloon, pig or not.  If it's not - it must be the letter d that the child is looking for.


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