• Visitors

    SISD welcomes parents and others to visit our district campuses. However, we ask that anyone visiting any of our campuses to check in at the front office of that campus. This provides safety for both our students and staff, and also eliminates any disruption of instruction. 

    All campuses have a single entry access point with an aiphone. Visitors have to push the button on the phone to communicate with the front desk to be allowed access into the building after they have been verified. All visitors are asked to present a valid state or government issued photo identification card to the school’s receptionist. This ID is scanned into the Intercept Visitor Management System, which cross-references the visitor's personal information with a nationwide registered sex offenders' list. The Intercept system then sends text and email notifications to key personnel if a match is found. If a match is not found, the Intercept system prints a visitor’s pass, which includes the person’s name, photo, date of visit, time of visit, and destination within the building. Driver's licenses will be held by the front desk and given back when the visitor is leaving the campus. 

    In compliance with Texas Education Code §38.022, Springtown ISD will impose reasonable restrictions to campus visitors in an effort to maintain order and the safety of our students. (See Lovern v. Edwards, 90 F.3d 648 (4th Cir. 1999)).  Individuals with court-ordered restrictions must self-report when visiting a campus, as well as provide government-issued identification for the District’s “Raptor” program (Tex. Educ. Code §38.022(c); Tex. Code Crim. Proc. Art 62.064(b)).

    Individuals subject to child safety zone restrictions may not go in, on, or within a distance specified by the parole panel of premises where children commonly gather (Texas Government Code §§ 508.187(b),.225(a); Texas Code Criminal Procedures article 42A.453).

    The District acknowledges child safety zones to be established at all real property and all buildings and appurtenances pertaining to the real property owned by the District.  Although the District does not intend to restrict parental rights to access student records any further than the law requires in an individual circumstance, court-ordered restrictions regarding proximity to our students may be extended by campus administrators.   Specifically, registered sex offenders not otherwise prohibited from being in a child safety zone may only visit the campus when chaperoned by an administrator or another employee.  Access to classrooms and other areas on campus where students might congregate is prohibited.  Upon request, a parent may request an administrator conduct a case-by-case assessment based on relevant and up-to-date information for special events to which the public is invited.  An administrator might then allow access to a parent’s own child in a cafeteria setting, but only in a designated area visible to and monitored by assigned staff members.  An administrator’s review cannot supersede a court order prohibiting access to a child safety zone. 

    Registered sex offenders are not eligible to serve as volunteers.  Registered sex offenders may not drop off/pick up their students on a campus facility when prohibited from doing so by court order. 

    All visitors are expected to comply with all District policies and procedures and to demonstrate the highest standards of courtesy and conduct. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. The District has the right to refuse entry to or eject a person from property under the District's control. See the link below regarding Refusal of Entry to or Ejection of an Individual.




    Thank you for your cooperation while visiting our district.