Optional Flexible School Day Program (FLEX)

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    Program goals and objectives – The goal of the Optional Flexible School Day Program is to allow students in grades 11-12 in the Springtown Independent School District an opportunity to be successful and receive a high school diploma by offering courses needed for graduation.  The program has two main objectives.  The first objective is to allow a student who has dropped out of school or is in danger of dropping out of school an option other than the regular classroom setting or school day.  The second objective is to enable a student the opportunity to recover credits lost due to lack of attendance.

    Program Name:  FLEX  Program
    Students must meet the following criteria to be accepted:
    1. The student has dropped out of school or is at risk of dropping out
    2. The student has at least 12 credits
    3. The student has met the requirements set by the district for Open Enrollment (if new to the district)

    Schedule:  The OFSDP hours offered will be from 8:00 a.m.- 3:45 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m.,  Monday through Friday.  Students will be required to attend for at least 15 hours a week (3 hours/day), Monday-Friday.


    Local procedures for identifying students: *Students must be enrolled in Springtown High School and will be listed in PEIMS as at-risk.

    Target Groups:
    *Students who are unable to attend school in a traditional setting.  Students who have to work to support a family, do not have child care during the day, have shortened hours due to illness or injury, or other apparent reasons may upon approval be recommended into the Flex Program.

    *Students who are at risk of being denied credit due to failure to meet attendance requirements.  The high school assistant principals and counselors each keep grading records and documentation of students who have been denied credit each semester due to failure to meet attendance requirements.  Those students could be recommended to participate in the Flex Program.

    *Students who are at risk of not graduating.  The counselors may recommend the Flex Program to students who may be at-risk of not graduating due to various reasons such as; pregnancy, course failures, or who were retained and did not advance from one grade level to the next.

    *Students who have previously dropped out of school The Flex Program Coordinator can research PEIMS data on students who have been reported as drop outs for the current or past year.  The coordinator will attempt to locate these students to offer Flex Program in order to help them get their high school diploma.

    Procedures for Student and Parent Consent: The high school counselors will discuss the Flex Program with students and his/her parent or guardian unless the student is 18 years old and self-registered.  If the student qualifies under one of the criteria previously stated it may be recommended that the student attend Flex in order to fulfill his/her graduation requirements.  If the student and parent/guardian agree, a contract is signed agreeing to the requirements for participation in the Flex Program.

    Implementation Process:  The parent/guardian will be required to register the student in the Springtown Independent School District.  The counselor will make a copy of the Flex Program contract to keep on file and send one to the Flex Coordinator.  The Flex Coordinator will then enroll the student in the courses indicated on the contract and monitor progress.
         Students’ attendance minutes will be recorded on the Daily Contact Register each day and transferred to OFSDP daily and weekly register forms to be turned into the PEIMS Coordinator by the Flex Coordinator.  All students participating in the Flex Program will be entered into PEIMS for attendance and records will be filed for audit purposes.
         Once a course is completed the night school teacher or Flex Coordinator will record the final grade on the student’s contract.  The Flex coordinator will return the completion form to the student’s counselor who will give the information to the PEIMS coordinator.  The PEIMS coordinator will record the course credit and it will appear on the student’s transcript.

    Procedure for ensuring the Administration of required Assessment Instruments:  All students who are enrolled in the Flex Program will take all required assessment instruments on the same day as the test is administered either during the day if possible, or at night during their regularly scheduled night class.  All administration of the tests will be by test trained personnel.

    Criteria used in reporting Student Progress:  Students will be working on curriculum using a web-based program called OdysseyWare.  These students will be allowed to work at their own pace while receiving assistance and instruction from qualified teachers.  Students are able to monitor their own progress as they work through the course program.  Three week progress reports will also be printed to show the student and his/her parents or guardians the student’s progress.  Each six weeks the student will receive a report card with a pass/fail to indicate whether the student is progressing in the course in a timely manner.  At the end of each semester, students will be given a report card with all course completion grades and credit awarded for each.