Recovery, Replace, Accelerate

Replace, Recover, Accelerate and Dual Credit


     The Recovery/Replace/Acceleration Program allows students the opportunity to recover lost credits or earn credits needed for graduation by working in a self-paced, environment either during the regular school day or night school.  


    After conferencing with a counselor, students may be placed in the PACE Program in order to earn credits for courses required for graduation.  Students will be working from an online, standards-based program called Edgenuity which Springtown ISD has purchased for the purpose of providing students with an additional opportunity for receiving credits.  


    Students enrolled during the school day will work on the course(s) as part of their regular class schedule and are encouraged to work at home if necessary to complete their requirements for graduation in a timely manner.

    Grades:  Students who are assigned to the PACE lab during the day will be given a progress report every 3 weeks and then be given a final grade which goes on their transcript after completion of the course.  If the course(s) is not completed by the end of the semester, a grade of 60 will be reported and recorded on the transcript.

    Night School:  Students will receive a final grade upon completion of their coursework which will be recorded on the transcript.  All final grades will be recorded on the transcript that shows graduation requirements are being met but will not be calculated into the grade point average.  

    Springtown High School wants to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to be successful.  Students are required to follow the rules and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct.  Participation in the PACE Program is a privilege, not a right and violations may result in removal from the program.  Success depends upon good behavior, good attendance, and academic progress.


     The Replace Program allows students the opportunity to "replace" a previously failed six weeks grade with a 70 by attending the PACE Lab at night.  Students are expected to attend at least 1 night per week for up to 9  weeks meeting all objectives successfully.  The classroom teacher is the person responsible for giving the student a Replace Contract and making sure the grade is updated with PIEMS.   


     Dual Credit:

    College Online Courses are offered at Springtown High School and can be administered through the PACE Lab with the staff member proctoring the course.