Miss Gray



Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Gray

Class Rules:

1. Arrive on-time with all of your materials.

2. Keep hands, feet and objects to self.

3. Follow all directions the first time given.

4. When interacting with others, use proper body language, voice-tone and words. 

5. Do not start packing up your materials until the bell rings or I give permission.

6. When the bell rings, you are free to leave class. 


Guidelines for Success:

1. Be prepared.

2. Always TRY!

3. Always do your BEST!



1. Bring all materials before entering my classroom. 

   -This includes a pencil, a regular pen, a red pen and your math binder. 

2. Read the objectives for the day. 

3. Be seated working on bell work.

4. Bring a library book to read when all work is completed. 


Please Do Not....

1. Bring bags, purses, or backpacks into my classroom (unless previously discussed).

2. Use your cellphone. It needs to be in the basket underneath the desk or in your locker.

3. Chew gum. 


Additional Information:

1. I do allow water bottles, as long as they have a lid or cap. 

2. No food is allowed in class.