keep calm
  • Ms. Gray’s Math Class




      3 ring binder

      notebook paper



      red grading pen



    1. Arrive on-time with all of your materials.
    2. Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
    3. Follow all directions the first time given.
    4. When interacting with others, use proper body language, voice-tone and words


    Enter the classroom with binder, pencil, notebook paper, red pen and library book every day, unless otherwise instructed. You WILL NOT enter the room without your supplies.

    READ THE BOARD as soon as you walk in to the classroom.  Make sure that you pick up any and all supplies that you will need for the day. Sharpen your pencil, if necessary, BEFORE THE BELL.

    Begin working on the warm-up.  If you are not in your desk, working on the warm-up when the bell rings, you may be held after class. You will have about 5 minutes to complete the warm-up.  Warm-ups are NOT optional.  I will take up the warm-up each week for a daily grade.

    After going over the warm-up, we will take a daily quiz then begin a new lesson.  If you finish your lesson during the class period, you WILL read.  If you do not bring your library book, I will provide you with a book of my choice.

    At the end of the period, I will let you know when it is time to pack up.  So, DO NOT start packing up (closing notebooks, putting supplies away) until then.  If you decide to pack up early, I will keep you after the bell. When the bell rings, I will dismiss you. We will not leave until all of my calculators are put up in their correct pockets. You will leave respectfully. There will be no running or pushing to leave class.  All borrowed supplies will be returned, and everyone will be seated and quiet before the bell rings.



    Daily work and quizzes will account for 50% of each student’s grade.

    Tests will account for the other 50%.


    EXTRA HELP!!!:

     I am available for extra help on most days.  I am at school by 7:45 am. If I need to be at school earlier, please LET ME KNOW! I am here to help you whenever needed! DO NOT wait until your class period if you do not understand the previous day’s lesson.  Students must make the time and effort, if extra help is needed!!  I’m also available after school—just stop by my room.  This is YOUR responsibility. 



    Each student will receive 8 hall passes, each six-week period.  They can use them to go to the restroom, their lockers, etc, after the day’s lesson has been presented.  After they have used their passes, they will not be allowed to leave the classroom for any reason, other than an emergency. Do not raise your hand and ask to use the restroom or go to your locker during my lesson! Those questions must wait until the end of the lecture unless it is an ABSOLUTE emergency.



    If corrections are needed, students are allowed a week from the day the grade is posted to skyward to correct an assignment. Corrected papers will have a maximum score of 70.

    These corrections include tests. However, if a test is corrected, there must be a parent signature for the corrections to be graded, unless I allow you time in class to correct the test.



    On most days, class time will be given to work on assignments, but any unfinished work will need to be finished for homework.

    When graded assignments are returned to you, put them in your binder and keep them as study material.

    Homework will be due at the beginning of the class period, so all homework must be completed by the time you walk into my classroom.


    Late Work:

    If an assignment is not turned in, it will go in the gradebook as a zero.

    The grade of the assignment will be averaged with the zero and put in the gradebook with a note.  After one week, I will no longer accept late work and the grade will remain a zero in the grade book.



    There will be rewards for following the classroom rules and being an active and involved part of class each day.  This could include verbal praise, positive emails or phone calls to parents.

    If problems arise in the classroom, I will meet privately with students (in the hallway or after class), contact parents, assign sentences and use the office when necessary to attempt to correct the problem.  Students should be in control of themselves at all times, and will be held responsible for their actions.



    If you are absent, it is YOUR (the student’s) responsibility to get your make-up work, and turn in any homework that was due the day that you were absent.  Make-up assignments may be picked up from me.  I normally have make-up work ready for absent students at the beginning of the class period.  HOWEVER, if I forget, it is the student’s responsibility to ask for the assignment. You will only have the number of days you were absent to make-up the missed work. For example, if you were absent for two days, you will only have two days to make the work up. If you are absent for a test, it is YOUR responsibility to come to me and schedule a time before or after school to take the test.



    The easiest way to contact me is by email. If parents email me and don’t hear back from me within the day, or by early the next morning, this means that I have not received your email, or it has been sent to my spam mailbox.  Please call me, if this happens, and I’ll make sure that the problem is handled.  If parents do not have email, I can also make phone calls on my conference period or after school.




    Thank you for your help in making this a great year!