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    Each month, parents will have an opportunity to order books for their children to read at home. A book club flyer will be sent home once a month with a list of books and prices. Parents can order using the book club order form, or they can order online using our class access code. Online orders are the fastest and most secure way to order, and you only have to register once for the year. Books will be delivered to our classroom and sent home with your children. The day book orders come in are always an exciting day in our classroom, so don't miss out!
    Register to order online with this access code: P6J4B 
    September book orders are due 9/21/18. You can order online or send your paper order to the teacher.
    If you misplace your order form, you can access all order forms online at http://www.scholastic.com.  Please make sure to either send in your orders and money, or order and pay online by the due date. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Martinez with any questions about scholastic book orders.  
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