•  Employee Travel Guidelines


    • If the employee is traveling within the immediate DFW Metroplex area, including travel to schools within SISD’s UIL district, travel is considered as “local travel”.  Local travel should always be pre-approved by the employees’ principal, director, or supervisor.  Reimbursement requests for local travel should be submitted using the Local Travel Expense Form form.


    • Overnight/Out of district/Out of State Travel is not authorized without obtaining permission from your building principal or supervisor and the central office.  Beginning Sept. 1, 2014, if the travel is to be funded by your local campus or department budget, SISD will be advancing funds for meals and mileage for both staff and students based on a PER DIEM basis.  Staff requesting permission to travel overnight will need to download a Request for Travel Form from the Business Department website. THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED BEFORE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE. Travel requests should be submitted at least ONE WEEK before the travel date since you must have Central Office approval to travel overnight. If approved, you will receive an advance check for the amount of meals (not to exceed $45/day) and the mileage associated with your travel request.


    • *NEW*  Breakfast on the day of departure will no longer be included when using local funds.  If you can make it home by 6:00 pm without delays, dinner will not be reimbursed.  If extenuating circumstances prevail, use your best judgment and we will discuss it when you get back.


    • If you are submitting the form for travel approval only, check the box under the notes section to indicate this.  Do not fill out any of the meals or mileage sections.  You will not receive a Per Diem advance for meals/mileage.  The form will need to be signed by your supervisor and the appropriate signature(s) from Central Administration to receive approval for your travel. After your travel is complete fill out the Post Travel Only section and submit the form with matching receipts to your principal/supervisor to receive reimbursement. Principal/Supervisor will review the expenses and receipts, sign and send to the Business Office for processing.


    •  If your travel is funded by a FEDERAL PROGRAM, you will need to download a Federal Travel Request Form.  THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED BEFORE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE.  Travel requests should be submitted at least ONE WEEK before the travel date since you must have Central Office approval to travel overnight. If approved, you will receive a copy of your of the approved form.


    •  Estimates of travel cost may be calculated using the Travel Cost Estimator.  Overnight travel must be approved in advance by an employee’s principal/supervisor/director and either the Asst. Superintendent or Chief Financial Officer.  Out of State travel requires the prior approval of the Superintendent in addition to the above approvals.  Out of State student travel requires prior approval from the SISD Board of Trustees.   


    **Receipts will not need to be turned in for travel funded by your local budget if you request Pre-travel Per Diem.

    **Receipts MUST be turned in for travel funded by FEDERAL PROGRAMS. 

    • Expenses for lodging and registration fees must be submitted using the district requisition system unless you will request reimbursement.   


    • Local Travel Meals - All employees incurring expenses for business meals where business is discussed must record the attendees and their business relationship, in addition to the business purpose, subject discussed and benefit derived.  This is an IRS requirement.  Employees are expected to dine in quality, comfort, and convenience but to exercise discretion in respect to cost.  Meals expenses incurred during the normal course of a day trip are not reimbursable, UNLESS business is discussed. 


    •  Overnight Meals – Please include the name of employee(s) on each meal receipt when submitting a meal reimbursement request.


    •  Travel  Rates

    Hotel - see (b.) and (c.) below

    $85/ night or Conference Rate

    Meals - see (a.) below


    Non-Overnight Business Meals



    53.5 cents per mile

    1. This rate will be limited to $25 on the day of departure if leaving after 3pm or $20 on the date of return if arriving prior to 3pm.
    2. A check will be issued and mailed for hotel costs  and registrations based upon approved purchase orders.
    3. If you need the check upfront to carry with you to pay for hotel and registrations, you will need to enter a requisition for this.
    4. Cash advances to cover the travel expenses for student groups may be requested and are to be included on the Request for Travel Form.
    5. All Federal Program expenditures (including meal expenses) must be accompanied by an ORIGINAL itemized receipt.  Credit card receipts are not ORIGINAL itemized receipts.  You will not be reimbursed for expenses that do not have an itemized receipt.