Gifted and Talented Olympus Program

    The Springtown Independent School District's Gifted and Talented program, Olympus, is available to students in grades K-12 and is designed to meet the diverse needs of the gifted population.  Olympus program options enable gifted students to work together as a group, work with other students, and work independently.  Flexible pacing and grouping patterns, as well as independent investigations, are also employed to allow students to learn at a pace and level appropriate for the students' abilities and skills.
    For grades K-12, students may be referred for the gifted/talented program at any time by teachers, counselors, parents, or other interested persons. Students in grades 6-12 may nominate themselves. Students may be nominated only once during each school year.
    If you are interested in referring a student, contact the Advanced Academics coordinator at your student’s campus.
    • Grades 1-12:   Fall (beginning in October)
    • Kindergarten:  Mid-year (beginning in December)
    • Grades 1-12:   Spring (beginning in February) 
    In order to meet state guidelines, Springtown ISD has adopted the following plan to provide for the identification and instruction of gifted students.