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    We are beginning an interesting journey for a few weeks.  While we will be using Google Classroom for all our teaching materials and assignments, I have a few links I will share with you to help with assignments, for entertainment, and contact with me. During this week (Macrh 23rd-27th), we are in the process of creating fun, dynamic sets of assignments for you, contacting you (parents and students), and working on a digital teaching environment. 


    Beginning Monday, March 30th, you will see an adjusted format in Google Classroom.  This format will have weekly topics for activities and assignments.  I will also have set contact hours so we can discuss assignments, current events, or you can tell me what great books you are reading.  I'm always excited to hear about new books to read!!


    Please see information below, and don't hestitate to contact me through email or Zoom.


    First, let's talk about the STUDENT RESOURCE SURVEY.  If you have not done so, please complete that survey so we can assess the best way to work with you regarding contact and assignments. You can find the survey on the District Home Page.


    Second topic is Google Classroom.  All students should already be setup with this resource because we use it often in class.  However, if you need the code to join your class, please email me so I can send it to you.


    And third: Have you heard of Zoom?  It's a great tool we can use to conduct video conferences.  If you prefer to talk to me, instead of using email, we can now see each other.  If you're interested, please download the Zoom app on your phone and/or computer: Zoom



    My new office hours are Monday-Friday 9:30-11:30 and 4:00-6:00. I will be available to you through the following resources:

    You can contact me through Zoom or email.

    Zoom ID: 632-882-5040. This is my personal ID.  You can create a meeting, and I will be available during the above hours.

    EMail: kcrawford@springtownisd.net


    Fun links to explore:

    Chomp Chomp: Chomp Chomp

    Free Audibles: Listen to Free Audible Books