•  Rules and Expectations for Music, Computer, and PE



    1. Follow Directions

    2. Be Respectful (to your classmates and teacher)

    3. Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself

    4. Take Care of our Equipment



    1. Enter quietly and be ready for directions

    2. Follow all directions the first time given

    3. No talking while someone else is talking

    4. Stay in your seat unless permission is given to get up


    REWARDS:                                                        CONSEQUENCES: 

    Compliments                                                                 Warning

    Paw Points                                                                     Loss of Time During Activity

    Positive Paw Referral                                                      Written Assignment

    “Free Choice” time                                                         Office Refferal



    We will be using a marks system. Each mark is worth 3pts of their grade. Marks are given based on these guidelines.

    1. Talking

    2. Disruptive

    3. He/She is not keeping feet or hands to self

    4. Disrespect to teacher or classmates

    5. Participation

    6. Not Prepared (ex. PE Shoes)

    There will be parent contact before a failing grade is given. 



    There will be two grades given in music: Academic and Conduct

    1. Academic: Based on the skills learned in class according to the National Standards of Music and TEKs.

    2. Conduct: Based on the participation and behavior of the student.



    E = excellent (0-3 marks)

    S = satisfactory (4-10 marks)

    N = needs improvement (11-13 marks)

    U = unacceptable behavior (14+ marks)



    I will be using E-mail and Remind as my main sources of communication. Here are the Remind links below.

    Kinder Link

    1st grade Link

    2nd grade Link

    3rd grade Link

    4th grade Link