• Mrs. Craig's Classroom Policy and Procedures


    Drop Off/Pick Up

    AM - When you drop your child off they will go to the cafeteria until 7:30 when they are released to come to the classroom. On Mondays and Fridays we will have a morning assembly prior to the start of our school day. AM class dismisses at 10:45. We will walk students to the front entry and release through the doors. Bring your pick up card everyday.

     PM – When you drop off you will wait with your child outside the front doors until we come at 12:20 to walk the children to class. Please encourage your child to stand in their appropriated line while they wait. PM class dismisses at 3:16. We will walk students to the side exit that faces the front parking lot. Bring your pick up card everyday.

     We will get straight to work everyday so it is important that your child is at school on time ready to learn. To make this new transition as easy as possible for your child, we ask that you please do not linger in the classroom when you drop off. Our expectation is that your child will be able to come into the classroom and put their own belongings away on their appropriate places. It is important that your child learn to be independent and responsible in order to be successful in school.



    If your child is absent, please send a written note or doctors’ excuse in your child's folder the day they return. Make sure to include your child’s name, the reason for the absence, the absence date(s) and your signature on the note. Remember, success in Pre-K depends largely on regular attendance. This includes being on time as well.


    Change of Clothes

    Accidents will happen, whether they be potty accidents, spilled food, getting sick, or getting carried away while painting. Please make sure to provide at least one change of clothes in a labeled plastic bag. Include a shirt, shorts/pants, underwear/pull-ups, shoes and socks. If for whatever reason your child has to change clothes we will send the soiled clothes home in a plastic bag in their backpack. Remember to send another clean change of clothes when your child returns to school! Also, as the seasons change remember to send in weather appropriate clothing to exchange.



                 An orange folder will come home daily. It is important that you look through and sign off on the calendar everyday. Please use this as a way to communicate back and forth with me. There will be a calendar inside to indicate your child’s behavior everyday.    


     happy I had a great day!


    sad  I did not make good choices today.


    I use an app called Bloomz. This is a FREE app you can download to your smartphone or veiw via the internet. It has a message system you can use to send me private messages and you can keep track of you child's behavior in real time. I will also use it to make announcements and send reminders. 



    Your child will need a backpack for school that is large enough to carry a folder so that it doesn’t bend the folder or ruin your child’s precious schoolwork. Please do not get a backpack with wheels as they will not fit in the child’s cubby and are cumbersome when walking in the hallways. 


    Proper Shoes and Clothing


                The temperature in our classroom can vary from day to day and often stays on the cool side. Send your child in layers so they can adjust their clothing to meet their needs for the day. Be mindful of the weather for the day. We go outside for recess when the temperature is between 45 and 95 degrees and your child need to have on appropriate clothing and shoes.



             Please do not allow you child to bring any toys or electronics to school unless we are having a designated show and tell day. We do not want to take a chance on anything getting lost or stolen, plus such items can be a distraction to everyone. 



              Birthdays are important to every child. We would love to celebrate your child’s birthday. Feel free to send cookies and juice on your child’s birthday. Remember they have to be store bought. Please alert me a few days in advance if you will be sending in birthday treats. We will also celebrate summer birthdays during the last month of the school year.



              We will be having various celebrations in our classroom throughout the year. Please watch for information regarding these celebrations in your child’s daily communication folder.


    Contact Information

    Conference – 11:30 - 12:00

    Email: jcraig@springtownisd.net