• Parent & Family Engagement 

    Springtown ISD is dedicated to the success of our students.  The faculty and staff of SISD believe that all parents are partners with teachers and other staff in the education of their children.  SISD believes that parent involvement is essential to the success of all children.  Representatives of the faculty, parents, and community members of SISD agreed upon the following parental involvement plan that is supported by our District Improvement Plan. 


    At Springtown ISD, we expect faculty and staff will: 

    • Respect parents as partners in the education of their children
    • Set high expectations for excellent customer (student/parent) service
    • Expect high student achievement for all students
    • Promote parent involvement in site-based leadership and decision-making
    • Foster a welcoming and responsive environment for all parents
    • Establish and promote communication as a source of trust and understanding between the Springtown ISD staff and parents


    At Springtown ISD, parents/guardians will:

    • Be involved in their children’s learning and education
    • Take the initiative to seek the best educational opportunities for their children
    • Respect the teachers and support the Springtown ISD staff as partners in the education of their children
    • Utilize two-way lines of communication between parents and the Springtown ISD staff on the instruction, achievement and conduct of their children
    • Participate in site-based leadership and decision making
    • Actively volunteer at Springtown ISD


    • Conduct annual meeting
    • Offer flexible number of meetings
    • Include parents in planning and review of Title 1 program
    • Provide information in language parents can understand
    • Build capacity of staff to work with parents
    • Develop and distribute a school-parent compact and review/revise annually
    • Provide information about professional qualifications of staff
    • Develop and distribute a campus parent and family engagement policy and evaluate annually


    For more information about Parent & Family Engagement in Springtown ISD contact:


    Tiffany Cano

    Director of Elementary Curriculum & Instruction




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