Springtown ISD Response to Intervention (RtI)



    To provide all students with an educational program that will allow them to develop to their potential, to be well-adjusted, and able to make positive contributions to a free enterprise society



    To provide efficient and effective school processes which result in success for all students




    Response to Intervention (RtI) is the practice of meeting the academic needs of all students through a problem-solving process with three key elements:

    • High-quality instruction and research-based tiered interventions aligned with individual student needs
    • Frequent monitoring of student progress to enable results based academic decisions
    • Use of student response data in making important educational decisions (such as those regarding placement, interventions, curriculum, and instructional goals and methodologies)



    The instructional approaches within the general education setting should result in academic progress for the majority of the students (80%). The primary focus of RtI is early intervention to prevent long-term academic failure. Struggling students are identified using data-based progress monitoring and are provided intensive instruction. The use of a scientifically-validated curriculum, as well as instructional methods expected in an RtI model, leads to school improvement. Support services require collaboration among campus personnel.