• SISD Wellness Opportunities

    Springtown ISD has multiple areas that are open to the public that provide opportunites for exercise.

    There are tennis courts at two different locations.

    • One set of tennis courts is located across from Springtown Intermediate School at 300 Pojo Drive.
    • The other set is located south of Springtown High School at 915 West Highway 199. The high school courts have lights that are on timers, which allows them to be utilized after dark.

    There are playgrounds at all three of our elementaries that can be accessed during daytime hours.

    The "old stadium", located between Springtown Middle School and Springtown Intermediate School, is open to the public as well. This facility has a track around the field that can be utilized. Springtown Elementary School at 416 East Third Street, also has a small track and field that can be accessed at any time.

    There are many large grass areas that can be used as well as campus parking lots. There are certain workout groups that are currently utilizing some of these areas to have group workouts and trainings.