Black Creek K-9 LLC shall provide canine detection services using properly trained and certified canine detection animals paired with qualified and proficient canine handlers. The detection method used by BCK9 to seek out the substances deemed undesirable by Springtown ISD is an open air, olfactory canine sniff. BCK9 will only utilize canine animals that are certified and deemed reliable by a national certifying body when applicable. A copy of pertinent records relating to a specific canine animal’s reliability will be made available to Springtown ISD upon request.

    Black Creek K-9 LLC shall deploy canine teams on an unannounced basis under the auspices and direction of Springtown ISD with BCK9 acting as an agent of Springtown ISD during such deployments. All property owned or under the direct control of Springtown ISD shall be subject to a canine sniff. These areas include, but are not limited to the following: communal areas, lockers, gym areas, parking lots, vehicles, grounds and any other area designated by  Springtown ISD. Springtown ISD agrees to provide a minimum of one (1) representative to escort the canine team throughout the respective campus. The representative(s) should, where available, be or include the school’s SRO (School Resource Officer). BCK9 will provide the Springtown ISD with a complete report documenting all of the action taken by the canine teams for the previous month upon demand. Additionally, BCK9 will provide an annual report to the Springtown ISD at the conclusion of each contract period that documents all of the activities of the canine teams during that contract cycle.

    Should a substance or item, whether legal or illegal, be located as a result of a positive indication from a canine, that substance or item is the responsibility of Springtown ISD. BCK9 can, at the request of Springtown ISD, provide preliminary or presumptive field- testing of suspected narcotics in order to properly identify the substance. BCK9 may also be able to make recommendations on the handling of specific, non-narcotic threats when applicable.