Prekindergarten Curriculum

  • Prekindergarten teachers follow the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines set forth by the state. The Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines are based on current knowledge of theory and scientific research about how children develop and learn; they reflect the growing consensus among early childhood professional organizations that a greater emphasis be placed on young children’s conceptual learning, acquisition of basic skills, and participation in meaningful, relevant learning experiences. The guidelines delineate the behaviors and skills that children are to exhibit and achieve, as well as instructional strategies for teachers. They provide information on responsive teaching practices, the physical arrangement of a prekindergarten classroom, professional development as the key to high-quality prekindergarten programs, the involvement of families for better school readiness of children, strategies for bilingual instruction, considerations for children with special needs and disabilities, and methods of monitoring children’s progress. The Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines are intended to be useful to a broad audience including school districts, Head Start programs, child care providers, and, most importantly, children’s families. Finally, the guidelines provide a means to align prekindergarten programs with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 


    In addition, the district provides instructional materials that align with the Prekindergarten Guidelines.  Springtown ISD has adopted CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum. The CIRCLE PK Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that integrates instruction across developmental domains through thematic units. 


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