• Why does prekindergarten matter?

    Attending high quality prekindergarten makes a big difference for small children. Children who go to high quality 3 and 4 year-old prekindergarten enter school ready to learn and be successful, confident learners.

    What does high quality mean?

    High quality prekindergarten provides a learning environment that inspires curiosity, builds confidence and fosters of love of learning. In high quality prek, children learn essential skills for being successful in school like:

    • Paying attention
    • Following 2-3 step directions
    • Learning lots of new vocabulary words for objects and ideas that help them to comprehend what they read and hear
    • Learning the ABCs and the sounds associated with each letter
    • Learning how to read and write short words including their name
    • Learning numbers from 1-20 and counting
    • Sequencing, sorting and problem solving skills that will help them with reading and math
    • Following daily routines
    • Taking turns, sharing and appropriately communicating with others
    • Building strength and coordination of muscles for academic and nonacademic activities
    • Exploring
    • Asking questions
    • Seeking answers
    • Building confidence as learners and a positive relationship with school

    Kindergarten Readiness Statement

    TEA supports high quality prekindergarten that is developmentally appropriate, multi sensory and experiential. Young children thrive when provided a learning environment that inspires curiosity, builds confidence and fosters a love of learning. 

    Children are "ready" for school when families, schools, and communities work together to ensure they enter school with strong foundational knowledge and skills across 5 primary domains of development. Although separate, these domains are interconnected and development in one area reinforces development in the other.  

    The primary domains of development are:

    • Physical – Gross and Fine Motor
    • Literacy – Reading and Writing
    • Mathematical – Concepts and Thinking
    • Language and Communication
    • Health and Wellness



    Free Developmental Screening Tool

    Act Early Texas! provides parents and early childhood professionals with information designed to determine if a child is developing similarly to other children his or her age. The tool is designed to answer the question, "Is this child's development like other children of the same age?“

    CLI Engage for Parents 

    For over ten years, the Texas School Ready project has been supporting pre-K teachers in our common goal of improving children’s “school readiness”—the foundational knowledge children need to be prepared for Kindergarten. Through the new CLI Engage platform, we are excited to provide opportunities for parents to participate in the Texas School Ready project too!


    Parent Guides

    TEA has created Parent Guides to help families understand some of the things their child will learn each school year.  Please see the parent guides below.