• Jana Hughes

    College Prep English, English III, and AP English III

    My name is Jana Hughes.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Tarleton State University with a dual foci in English and Communications.

    I live with my husband and two daughters.  We have also hosted two exchange students over the past two years.


    My contact information and schedule are listed below. 

    Contact Information:


    Springtown High School     817-220-3888

    School Website Link: Springtown High School website

    My familyMy family

    Office Hours:

    8:50 am - 9:35 am



    1st - College Prep English          2nd - Conference

    3rd - English III                        4th - AP English III

    5th - College Prep English          6th - English III

    7th - English III                        8th - English III


    Additional Resources:

    New York Times: E.L.L. & Arts https://www.nytimes.com/spotlight/learning-ell-arts

    Interactive Writing and Grammar practice https://www.quill.org/

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    Looking ahead:

    Week of August 23-27

    College Prep - Beginning of year assessment, pre-reading strategies, during reading strategies, and post reading strategies

    English III - Analyze folk literature, academic/critical vocabulary, language conventions, and create a myth

    AP English III - Analyze the writing rubrics for the AP synthesis, argumentative, and rhetorical analysis prompts


    Week of August 30-September 3

     College Prep - Analyze data from the beginning of year assessment, overview of the writing process, and writing a first draft

    English III - Analyze theme and plot structure, critical vocabulary, language conventions, and create a dramatic monologue

    AP English III - Rhetorical situation when reading, claims and evidence when reading and writing, and begin the research project


    Week of September 7-10

    College Prep - Writing a first draft

    English III - Informational text, model for literary analysis, and critical vocabulary

    AP English III - SPACE CAT and writing a rhetorical analysis


    Week of September 13-17

    College Prep - Introduction to the Library, Vocabulary, Grammar workshop

    English III - Literary analysis

    AP English III - Rhetorical analysis and infographic


    Week of September 20-24

    College Prep - Quick Write and Plagiarism

    English III - Literary Analysis

    AP English III - Rhetorical analysis and rhetorical precis


    Week of September 27-October 1

    College Prep - Plagiarism and Academic Vocabulary

    English III - Unit 2 Essential questions and Argumentative text

    AP English III - Syntax, Diction, and Tone


    Week of October 4-8

    College Prep - Literary analysis, Figurative language, and Characterization

    English III - Poetry theme and structure, and Argument in poetry

    AP English III - Synthesis introduction and Annotated Bibliography