• Hello Parents and Students!  

     Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year.  Fingers crossed for a year filled with learning and NO interruptions.    I am privileged to be guiding senior students through their study of the US Constitution and the US Federal government OR juniors in US History Since 1877, in accordance with Texas education requirements.  Thank you for your patience as we all work together to learn IMPORTANT things while staying safe and healthy. 

    You can follow along with our lesson plans for US Government, AP Government and Politics, or US History.  

     As well as teaching US Government (USG), Dual Credit US Government proctor, and AP Government and Politics (APGOPO - 1st semester), I also teach one section of US History.

     Some background:  I absolutely love what I do and I am so happy to be exactly where I am! A graduate of University of North Texas with M.Ed, I left the classroom to counsel students at the high school and middle school level for nine years. I missed the daily experience of teaching and working with students in the classroom so when the opportunity to return to Springtown in the Social Studies department opened up, I was so excited!   I came to SHS in 2018-2019 most recently from a combined nine years at Azle High School and Azle Junior High, and before that I taught at Boyd High School. 

     A proud graduate of Springtown High School, as are my two adult sons, I am passionate about US Government education as an essential part of being an informed citizen with all the rights and responsibilities included within that priviledge.  


    My spring Schedule: 

    1st - US Government (USG)

    2nd - USG

    3rd - Dual Credit Government

    4th - Dual Credit Government

    5th - USG

    6th - USG

    7th - Planning (2:20 - 3:05)

    8th - US History Since 1877 


    Carla Kerske

    BA, M.Ed - University of North Texas


    Go POJO!