• Springtown High School

    Applied Math Course Syllabus



    Your ending grade for each six week period will be based on 12 separate grades

    taken during the period, eleven daily work and assignment sheet grades and three

    test grades; the three test grades will count for one-half of your six week grade.



                Daily Work                  4 Grades

                Assignment Sheet       4 Grades

                Tests                            2 Grades

                Participation                 1 Grade

                Writing Assignment     1 Grade


                                                    12 Grades


    Class Folder – You are required to maintain a class folder on a daily basis.  This folder

                                  is organized as follows:  Assignment Sheet, Basic Skill, Daily Work,

                                  Tests, and Writing Assignments.  Maintain your folder on a daily basis,

                                  one grade will be taken each six weeks.


    Daily Work    - Everyone in the class does the same daily work.  This is the lesson

                                  presented by the teacher the first part of the period.  Four grades will

                                  be taken from all of the daily work assignments; missing assignments

                                  add a zero to the daily work grades.


    Assignment   -  This is the IEP assignment that is particular to you.  You may be in a

    Sheet                     group or you may work alone.  Four grades will be taken from all of

                                  the assignment sheet work.  Missing assignments add a zero to the

                                  assignment sheet grades.


    Tests                 -   Each six weeks you will take two tests during the period and a six-

                                  week test at the end of the period.



    Assignment  -   In accordance with the SISD Comprehensive Writing Initiative you will

                                  have one writing assignment each six weeks.  This assignment will be on

                                  the topic of your choice (if completed by the fourth week of heperiod)                 and                      

                                 will be due at the end of the fifth week of the period.  The assignment will                         

                                 be scored 20% for standards (correct heading, capitalization, spelling,

                                  punctuation, and use of complete sentences), and 80% for content.  The

                                  writing assignment must be at lease one page long.



    The Semester Grade Will Be The Average Of The Six Week Grades