• Mrs. Looper (formerly Hensley)

    My name is Victoria Hensley (Soon to be Mrs. Looper). I have 3 beautiful girls who love to learn and play.

    I adore Springtown! I went to school k-12 in SISD and came back after attending Westark (UofArk). I've been with the district for several years and really enjoy working with our community's young adults! I work with inclusion students at SHS. I specialize in history but also assist in the science department.

    You can contact me by email at vhensley@springtownisd.net

    *During the social distancing period that we are currently experiencing I will be in email communication with the classes I work with as well as google classroom messages.

    Please contact me for any questions or concerens you may have!


    *As of 3/23/2020- I can be reached during my office hours of 9-11am and 1-3 pm. Thank you!