•  Week 8



        to     1st grade

    Pre-K - 1st Choice Board


    Spanish Pre-K - 1  Choice Board




     If you did this in for your class, do not redo them.  Have a great day!



    We are coding week 6 and 7.  Go to the Coding Tab on the Computer website.  

    Please go to the Typing Tab on the Computer website for more information on Choice 1.


    Choice 1 for Technology week 3 was to make a keyboard out of items you have around your house.

    Click here to see the keyboards our kids have made. 

    They are awesome!            



     Week 8


     2nd grade


    3rd  2 - 4 Choice Board


     2 - 4 Spanish Choice Board




    If you did this in for your class, do not redo them.  Have a great day!    


    We are coding week 6 and 7.  Go to the Coding Tab on the Computer website.  

    For Week 4 & 5 we are typing.  Go to the Typing Tab on the Computer website for more information.


    3rd-4th I have set up new Google Classrooms for you starting 4-18.  Please join.  Check out the Google Classroom Tab on the computer website for more information.  Thank you!



    PE with Joe


    Week 1                                            Week 2

    PE with Joe March 30th         PE with Joe  April 6th   

    PE with Joe  March 31st        PE with Joe April 7th

    PE with Joe April 1st              PE with Joe April 8th

    PE with Joe April 2nd             PE with Joe April 9th

    PE with Joe April 3rd              PE with Joe April 10th


    Week 3                                        Week 4

    PE with Joe April 13th             PE with Joe April 20th

    PE with Joe April 14th             PE with Joe April 21st 

    PE with Joe April 15th             PE with Joe April 22nd

    PE with Joe April 16th             PE with Joe April 23rd

    PE with Joe April 17th             PE with Joe April 24th  


    Week 5                                         Week 6

    PE with Joe April 27th              PE with Joe May 4th

    PE with Joe April 28th              PE with Joe May 5th

    PE with Joe April 29th              PE with Joe May 6th

    PE with Joe April 30th              PE with Joe May 7th

    PE with Joe May 1st                 PE with Joe May 8th 


    Week 7                                        Week 8

    PE with Joe May 11th              PE with Joe May 18 


    PE with Joe May 12th


    PE with Joe May 13th


    PE with Joe May 14th


    PE with Joe May 15th







    You can download the GoNoodle Games app on IPhone at the App Store.  Coming soon to Android.


    Go Noodle    IPhone and Android have a GoNoodle Video app available at the App/Play Store.


    Play 60  GoNoodle just teamed up with NFL Play 60.  Click here to see the new videos.




    Code Break


    Take a Code Break!

    With schools closed and tens of millions of students at home, join Code.org each week for Code Break — help us build the world's largest live interactive classroom, with weekly challenges to engage students of all abilities, even those without computers.

    Every Wednesday at noon, CST; Code Break will be happening live.  Be a part of it!

    Click here to sign up for Code Break.


    You can even watch past Code Breaks, click the link above!




  • Check out these webpages for FUN and EXTRA activities that you can do online! 

  • Ms. Winfield  Visit the Computer Lab Website


    If you are having trouble signing into things from home or can't figure out how to do something with Google Classroom or technology in general; check out the computer lab website.  You can always email Ms. Winfield for help.  Let me hear from you.

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