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    HOMECOMING PARADE 2020 – Monday, October 5th @ 6:15 PM


    As our community members surely know, construction projects on Hwy 51 have forced Pojo Road to become a major thoroughfare for north/south traffic in Springtown.  This fact alone prevents us from having a Homecoming Parade that resembles those enjoyed in the previous decade.  Coupled with concerns regarding social distancing and COVID-19 protocols, a 2020 Parade presents many challenges.  We are asking the community to support a plan that will allow our extra-curricular students (particularly) to have something that resembles a parade on campus.


    The graphic below outlines a route that will minimally impact busy traffic near the high school campus.  Assuming there is interest from the community, we hope to have Varsity football, volleyball, and cross-country students lead the band, dance, cheerleaders, and Homecoming Court from the west side of campus (#’s 1 and 2) to the east side, where our student-athletes will then be seated along the bus drop-off loop (#5). 


    Fans and supporters will have the option of parking in the student parking lot and walking to watch the parade move past the Tennis Courts and practice fields from their own lawn chairs OR decorating their cars and following the parade of students by driving from the Band Parking Lot (#1) around campus (along the parade route) and back through the Teacher Parking Lot (#7).  Rather than building floats or pulling trailers, this year’s modified plan asks that individuals involved in the “reverse parade” decorate their cars for Monday night’s activities (October 5th) and leave them decorated throughout Homecoming Week.


    As this is a completely new route and process, changes and updates will almost surely be necessary. 


    The current plan is as follows:

    1. Varsity FB, VB, and CC begin the parade from the exit between our Gym/Auditorium on the west side of campus.
    2. Band, Cheerleaders, and Dance Team will follow the parade after exiting the band hall.
    3. Homecoming Court will follow from vehicles staged near the north exit of the Student Parking Lot.
    4. All other participating groups will “stage” their vehicles in the band parking lot. *This year, we ask participating groups to use cars and trucks to move their group rather than trailers and floats.  "Marching" a group through the route would be okay as well, so long as social distancing protocols are practiced.
    5. Other participants who’ve staged from Band Parking Lot will follow the Homecoming Court SOUTH on what Google labels “Dancer Ct.” The Parade will turn left/east along Goshen Road with practice field on the participants left, then left /north towards the Ag Barn/Bus
    6. Varsity teams will arrive at chairs set up on concrete area beside cafeteria and Ag shops. Cheer and Dance teams will set up in grassy area inside Bus Loop. The Homecoming Court will set up near the flagpole.
    7. The areas opposite our bus loop will be reserved for parents of Varsity FB, VB, CC, Band, Cheer, Dance, and Homecoming court members. We respectfully ask that all others who wish to watch the parade rather than participate in the “drive by” be parked or seated in parking lots, along the practice fields’ fences, or in the grassy areas by the Tennis Courts and Multi-purpose Facility.  
    8. The “SHS/Lighting of the Letters” sign will be positioned in the Ag Parking Lot and lit by the Varsity captains as they arrive at the front of the parade (hopefully the letters burn long enough for the whole parade). All participants would be able to march/ride by at a safe distance and enjoy the traditional “Lighting of the ”
    9. Aside from the Varsity athletes, Band, Cheer, Dance, and Homecoming Court, everyone continues marching/riding through the Teacher Parking Lot, then crossing over into Band Parking Lot to access Pojo Drive and then leave the event. Access to SH 199 from the campus will be limited to the Pojo/199 intersection.  The intersection on the NE side of the high school campus will be closed to traffic.
    10. We hope to have representatives from other organizations (Springtown Lions Club teams, subvarsity teams/MS teams, other extra- and co-curricular programs) as well as individual supporters and fans join the “parade” of cars driving the route and supporting the Varsity groups as they drive through the bus loop.
    11. Using cars and trucks (rather than trailers full of participants unable to be socially distanced) will allow the Homecoming Parade tradition to continue in at least some form during this uniquely challenging year.

    Basically, this “parade” might look more like a “review” in that the participants would be led in by the band and the teams, then proceed past those groups in the bus loop before going back to where they began (the Band Parking Lot) after passing through the Teacher Parking Lot.  We think this plan will allow an opportunity to begin Homecoming Week with some traditional elements despite the restrictions of the pandemic.

    Like many of you, we want to our students to feel supported and appreciated through this pandemic.  We hope this Parade allows that opportunity!