Ms. Carol Stephens
    CTE Professional Communication 

    Email cstephens@springtownisd.net 

    Important information
    1. Your Name : first and last
    2. Your Student's Name : first and last name
    3. What  period do I have them?
    4. What is this email/ call regarding?
    My Office hours will be: 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 2pm Monday through Friday and this will be when I will look for communication on Google or in my email.
    Communication: Students need to open Google Classroom daily to see if there are other assignments for my class and until then work on CTE weekly assignments and turn them into Google Classroom. (paper students do the same, if you can take a picture of it with your cell phone turn it in that way and  if paper students cannot electronically submit even with a cell phone please make sure you return it to the high school drop box.)
    Pending: 1. Linking Planbook as an additional place to see assignments.
                    2. Setting office phone for direct messaging
                    3. Phoning parents of students that I have not heard from.  Please have student go to Google Classroom and 
                        send me a message that they are getting my assignments so I don't have to phone
                    4. Getting grades finished after grading the student's opportunity to make up zeros
                    5. Grading the school's first week CTE assignment to help students 5th 6-week grade