• Project Celebration - Class of 2021
    August 24th - SENIOR Sunrise!!
    Senior Sunrise

    LAST First Day Fundraiser:

    Hey Parents - we could use your help! @ Senior Sunrise we told your kids about a Last Day Fundraising push we put together. We need you to also post this to your social media and remind your kids to text their friends and family today. The excitement @ Senior Sunrise was great, you could really tell the kids were happy to see each other and start their Senior Year. This makes the perfect day to have your kids send a text message, along with a photo of themselves, and ask their loved ones to support PC. A sample of the message is below (personalize with your info). This is intended for the kids to text to people directly. Parents - your part is to remind your kids to do this ...today, tonight! You can also help by posting a picture of your senior and a short message to your social media, along with a link to the donation page.


    Hi (recipients name here)
    It's (MY NAME HERE)! Today is my LAST, First Day of school. It's officially the start of my Senior year at Springtown High School. We are celebrating by kicking off a 1 Day fundraiser for our annual Project Celebration event. We would love your support. Click on the link below to learn more and make a donation to our fund. Every $ counts! Thank You - (MY NAME HERE) Class of 2021, Springtown High School
    Click to donate: https://bit.ly/shs21donate





















    "Last First Day" T-shirt orders are available during Senior Pictures at SHS during the week of July 22nd


    The PC Board opted to sell Senior reserved parking spots ($100) on a first-come/first-served basis.  These spots will also be available during the week of July 22nd while Senior Pictures are being taken.


    Information regarding the Reserved Parking Fundraiser form is found here:  

    Reservation Form for SHS Parking 


    Map of Parking Lot