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    Mrs. Wood's schedule:
    8-8:50 theatre (cafeteria) @smsth01
    8:55-9:45 theatre (cafeteria) @smsth02
    9:50-10:25 advisory (Pojo)
    10:30-11:20 theatre production (cafeteria) @smspro
    11:20-1:00 lunch and conference
    1:05-1:55 tenor-bass choir (choir room) @smstbch
    2:00-2:50 theatre (cafeteria) @smsth07
    2:55-3:45 treble choir (choir room) @smstch
    email: awood@springtownisd.net
    remind codes are in blue for each class
    Ms. Owen's schedule:
    8-8:50 Varsity treble choir (choir room)
    8:55-9:45 Varsity tenor-bass choir (choir room)
    9:50-3:55 High School
    email: howen@springtownisd.net
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    Mrs. Wood is committed to developing a strong choral tradition for your children and our town to benefit from personally, socially, academically, and artistically. Some days will be truly hard work, but also some of the most fun days your student will remember when they look back at school.