• 2021-2022 Sponsor is Ms. Shadle

    SMS ~ NJHS Guidelines

    • Add 2 points to Honors Classes (ie, ELAR, Science and Tx. History)
    • Add 5 points to Adv. Math
    • Each student must have a cumulative average of 94 or higher cumulative GPA in core subjects (S1, 4th & 5th 6 weeks).
    • Candidates eligible for election to the chapter shall have no grades below a B+. This scholastic level of achievement shall remain fixed, and shall be the required minimum scholastic level of achievement for admission to candidacy.
    • Students must not have any discipline.
    • Students must have at least 90% attendance
    • Teacher evaluations will be a portion of the acceptance process.

    Student must fill out paperwork and return it by the deadline to be considered.