• monarchWelcome to Ms. Winfield's homepage. I am very excited about this school year.
    I am the computer teacher.  I am very excited about the things that we will be doing in the lab. 
    Below you will see some things that my 1st grade classes observed...
    polyphemus moth
    caterpillar creating a coccoon moth beside coccoon
    The first week of school we found a moth.  We found out that it was an Io moth. 
    Io Moth
    She laid some eggs.  They hatched and we found some leaves they would eat. 
    Io Moth Eggs
     We started out with about 175.
    Io moth new caterpillars
    very magnified
    Io moth caterpillars
    Io moth caterpillars
    Io moth caterpillars
    Io moth caterpillars
    Io Moth caterpillars
    We are down to seven.
    It was very exciting watching those caterpillars from hatching to moth. 
    Wow what a day it was today.  Our classroom monarch emerged from its beautiful green and gold chrysalis.  We were on our way to lunch and it happened.  We all got to see it.  It was so exciting. 
    Do you know how to tell a male and female monarch apart? Your child does. Ask them which is the boy and which is the girl and how they know.
    monarch monarch
    NOTE: Our school day begins at 7:50. If your child will be eating breakfast make sure they get to school in time to finish breakfast and get to the classroom by 7:50 so they are not tardy.

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