Goshen Creek Elemenary

Mrs. Goodman

  • I would like to thank you for stopping by.  I hope you are having a fantastic day.


    I would like to let you get a little acquainted with me.  I have been married to my husband Charlie since 1981 but together since 1980.  We have two sons Jake and Bryan.  They are both married ad have given us 8 beautiful grandchildren. We like to travel, RV, fish and visit our family.  A few of our most memorable trips have been to National Parks.  I favorite of these have been Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.  We love going to places that showcase God's hand in creating our world.


    I have worked with children in both daycare and school settings.  I began by babysitting in my teens, then held my first daycare job as a senior in High School.  I grew up in Port Arthur, Tx and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School there.  I have worked at other types of jobs throughout my life but always find my way back to working with young children.  I worked as a retail salesperson, worker's comp adjuster, bank teller, eyeglasses store and very, very briefly in a dry cleaners facility.  As I said earlier I always went back to children.  I started working for Springtown Independent School District in 2000 as a substitute.  I was hired for the PPCD class in the summer of 2000 at Watson Elementary.  From 2000-2010 I worked in classrooms that had children with special needs.  When Watson closed and Goshen Creek opened I was still able to work with these children.  They have been a joy and a blessing for me.  Now at 20 years later I do not wish to be anywhere else.


    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your children with me.


    Be Blessed and Have a great day


    Patricia Goodman

    Goshen Creek Elementary

    Special Education Inclusion Asst