• Shirley Cole 

    Dyslexia Teacher
    Welcome to the Reno Elementary Dyslexia program.  We teach a structured multi-sensory language arts program. It is designed to remediate reading and writing difficulties associated with dyslexia.


    Dyslexia classes will be based on their reading level and reading needs. We meet in a small group setting. We will work rigorously on breaking down the parts of written language into decodable phonemes (sound bits), then building them back up into words, sentences and paragraphs.  


    In your child’s regular classes, the teacher(s) and I will work closely together. Through a 504 Plan, we are allowed to make accommodations to help your child be successful.  Accomodations will be discussed with you during the annual 504 meeting with you, myself, and your child’s teacher(s). The extent to which their work will need to be accomodated depends on the individual student’s needs.



    Parents frequently ask what they can do at home to help. I recommend having a regular reading time that you share with your child. If their reading is frustrating for them, let them read at their own level. Listen to them read and read to them. Try to make this time relaxing and pleasant.



    I have included a page with some websites that you might find useful. If you find one that isn't listed, please share with me so that I can share with other parents.



    I welcome your input and your questions. Feel free to contact me to set up an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. I am available by appointment and can always accommodate my schedule to meet with you.  You can call me 817-221-5001 and leave a message, or e-mail me at scole@springtownisd.net.