Springtown Intermediate School (SIS) serves all 5th and 6th grade students in Springtown ISD.  Students come together in the 5th grade from one of our three SISD elementary campuses. This designates SIS as the official transition campus between the elementary schools and the middle school. We house upper elementary (5th grade) and lower secondary (6th grade) students under one roof. 

    5th graders follow a more traditional elementary schedule. We have four "families" or "teams" of students with four core subject teachers making up each team. Students transition between the four teachers, and throughout the week students are escorted by their teachers to non-core classes: PE, Art, Music, Technology Applications, and Health. 

    Because our 6th graders are one year away from middle school, they are offered more flexibility in their schedule to assist them in preparing for what lies ahead in 7th grade. 6th graders have PE or Pre-Athletics every day, and they also have an elective class they attend each day. 6th grade students follow a seven period bell schedule and transition independently from one class to the next. Passing periods are five minutes in length. 

    Throughout the school year, various opportunities for participation in extra-curricular activities are offered and promoted to students. Athletic teams do not begin until students are in 7th grade, but several outside organizations frequently offer opportunities for sports activities independent of the school district.