• September, 2017

    Dear Parents and Students,
    The core values at Springtown High School include the following beliefs:
    •            Innovative and engaging curriculum that challenges and prepares our students for society.
    •            SHS will produce students of good moral character motivated to achieve their goals.

    It is imperative for us as a campus to meet the physical and emotional needs of our students.  When the students enter the door each day, they will realize they are going to be cared for, challenged, and expected to behave in a manner that promotes a positive culture and climate at Springtown High School. While evaluating the progress of our students, we believe in making adjustments to the pace of the curriculum to ensure that all students are provided with the necessary foundation to be successful in school, and in life.

     These adjustments to the curriculum and the teaching modes will provide students with the opportunity to master concepts and gain a deeper understanding within the foundation of the accepted knowledge and skills. We appreciate your support as we work to provide our students with the educational opportunities that prepare them for success in the halls of SHS and beyond.  If we can answer any additional questions, please contact a member of the administrative team and we will hopefully find a solution to the problem.
    Dr.Scott McPherson  
    Name: Scott McPherson
    Email Address: smcpherson@springtownisd.net
    Phone number: (817) 220-3888