• Hey everyone, I hope that this page will serve as a good resource to help you through my class during an uncertain time.  I will be updating things as best as possible as we utilize Google Classroom to try to continue replacing some grades and moving forward. 

    Please use the following codes to join my Google classrooms if you haven't already:

    Spanish 2: 5of6lvq

    Spanish 3&4: s4j7tjr

    Dual Credit: tnrymeu

    The best way to reach out to me for a quick response will be email: mthomas@springtownisd.net
    Office Hours will be: 9am - 11am &  12pm - 2pm
    *Office Hours mean I will be readily available to respond to e-mails or zoom meeting requests! Use these hours specifically to reach out with quesitons and expect a quick response! 
    I will be contacting students with missing assignments & failing grades for this week, so if that pertains to you please expect to hear from me.  Other students, if you don't have anything past due, etc.  Don't expect any new work for class this week (23rd - 27th). I will update you with more info when I have it regarding what the gameplan will be for virtual "class" the week of March 30th - April 3rd.  
    ¡Adiós y buena suerte!