Mr. Michael Lee

Phone: 817-220-3888


Degrees and Certifications:

Graduated from University of North Texas Certified in Math 8-12

Mr. Michael Lee

Welcome(back) to Springtown High School.

Here is a bit about me:

This is my second year teaching here at Springtown High School. I have a Masters of Science in Mathematics from the University of North Texas. I teach Algebra III(Senior Math) and Dual Credit College Algebra and Trigonometry. I have 7 brothers and no sisters. During college, over the summers I worked at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. I was on the team that landed the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Math can take you to some pretty amazing places.

We will be going no calculator this year. Many entry level college classes are going no calculator because they are finding basic math skills across the board to be poor. As a result, I am doing the same in order to give my students the best chance possible moving forward. I want all of my students to be TSI compliant so they do not have to take remedial college classes.

I am a nerd and I own it. I spent most of my life playing video games when I was at home. I competed in UIL and spelling bees. I basically love any kind of puzzle and I am happy to help anyone with work from any class.

I am really excited to be teaching you guys this year. While I was teaching students in college, I always warned them that they will make more Algebra mistakes in my class than any other type of mistake. They always laughed at the beginning, but realized it was true by the end. I want to help all of my students live up to their math potential and never worry that math could stand in the way of achieving their goals.

I look forward getting to know each of you this year!