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Growing Stronger Growing Smarter Growing Together


According to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), SISD is growing faster than 90% of all other districts in the entire state.


The 2023 graduates received college scholarships totaling $2,122,431.

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1:1 District

Technology is provided to every student in the district.


Springtown ISD is dedicated to cultivating a better future by growing and serving our students, staff, and community.


Springtown ISD aspires to be a leader in education, where every student is inspired to pursue their passions, reach their unique potential, and become successful and responsible citizens.

Core Values

Communication, Community, Growth, Service, Success


Amy Martinez

Thank you for going above and beyond by extending yourself beyond your contracted hours to meet with students who require additional support beyond what a group setting can provide at school!

- Amy Martinez

Allison Hagan - SISD VIP

Thank you to Allison Hagan for embodying the spirit of a Springtown ISD Porcupine and always being willing to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever she is needed!

- Allison Hagan

Brent Russell Picture

Thank you for always willing to go that extra mile to put a smile on our students' faces!

- Brent Russell

Kenna Chavez

Thank you for taking care of the Springtown ISD Transportation Department and doing everything you can for the drivers and students in the district. #SISDVIP

- Kenna Chavez